Reviews – Victims of a Giant Hoax

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This is the quickest I’ve read a book through in many years!  Why … because I found ‘Victims of a Giant Hoax’ impossible to put down.  Daryl Sahli’s latest yarn seamlessly blurs the lines between fact & fiction.  From the ‘winner takes all’ politics of 70’s southern Africa to the ‘Yes Minister’ British bureacracy and the behind the scenes destabilisation by Cuba and Russia; all contributing to an explosive and stirring plot, which I recommend followers of adventure and history read. – Darryl Barber


With his 4th book Daryl has vividly described the build up of Cuban and Russian influence in Zambia.  The British have been out manoeuvred.  The account leading up to the first Rhodesian viscount atrocity is a page turner.  Daryl not only skillfully demonstrates his technical research, but even gives us a delightful love story.  I enjoyed Daryl’s connection to the fast moving and largely unreported political events of the day.  More importantly he provides a far greater explanation of the possible cause of the shooting down of the Rhodesian viscount on 3 September 1978.  Finally, there are the Rhodesian ‘cross border’ raids and covert operations that draw in the reader.  Thank you, Daryl. – Clive Cooke