Photographs – Daryl Sahli

These photographs are from our photo albums.  The quality and colour of some of the photographs are not of a high standard.  They do however, tell a story and keep the memories alive.


School of Infantry - Gwelo Inf/26(163)D After Classical War Exercise Standing: Gus Dutoit, Clive Richards, Vince Atkinson, Stan Titterton, Sean Longhurst (with helmet), Mark Slaven, John Trafford, 'Iz' Hardwick, Errol Tozer (slightly obscured), Chris Pretorius, 'Ant' Randall. Sitting: Fitz Fitzgerald, Daryl Sahli, Stefan Kitshoff.


School of Infantry - Gwelo Inf/26(163)D After Commanding Officer's Inspection Standing: Errol Tozer, Vince Atkinson, Gus Dutoit, Mark Slaven, Sean Longhurst, John Trafford, 'Ant' Randall, Chris Pretorius, Stan Titterton. Kneeling: Sheldon Dudley, 'Iz' Hardwick, 'Fitz' Fitzgerald,, Stefan 'Slope' Kitshoff, Daryl Sahli, Clive Richards. Note: As National Servicemen, Rhodesia Regiment berets and stable belts were worn until completion of the course and posting to units.


Trucks loading in front of Cadet-Wing. Note: The Lecture Theatre Cauldron in the centre background; the white buildings in the left hand background are the National Service Cadets Barrack Rooms, the one that can be seen housed Alpha Squad.


School of Infantry - Gwelo Inf/26/163D briefing during classical war exercise - Left to right: Fitzgerald (back of head), Daryl Sahli, Stan Titterton, Gus Dutoit, 'Iz' Hardwick, Sheldon Dudley, Mark Slaven, John Trafford (standing), Vince Atkinson (sitting with A76 VHF radio), Sean Longhurst (standing), Chris Pretorius (obscured), Ant Randall (sitting).


School of Infantry - Gwelo. Inf26/163D looking tired after classical war exercise - note picks and shovels.


School of Infantry - Gwelo Inf26/163D being given instructions from Course Instructor Sgt-Maj Keith Bartlett (RLI) (facing away from camera), after classical war exercise, Bartlett's dog (cannot remember name)


Inf/26/163D briefing during classical war exercise. School of Infantry - Gwelo On the right: front with hat Inf26/163D Course Officer, Lt Mick Walters (RLI), behind Tac Wing Instructor.


School of Infantry - Gwelo Coin exercise. Inf 26/163D & A being taught how to call in an air strike. Note Lt Mick Walters with the A76 radio, calling in Hunters played by Lt Graham Murdock (BCR) (RLI), Course Officer for Inf26/163A (out of picture). Hilarious stuff!


Here comes Lt Murdock playing the Hunter together with excellent sound effects, including exploding bombs and 30mm cannon fire.


Alpha and Delta Squads loading trucks for COIN Exercises


School of Infantry - Gwelo COIN exercises, Daryl Sahli in the 'jungle lane'.

Taking a Rest from Platoon and Section Battle Drills


Alouette III Helicopter - Calling in and Embussing and Debussing Exercises

School of Infantry 15Jan - 15Jun 1979

4 Independent Company (RAR) on Parade - Victoria Falls. Note the MAG Gunner in the front row extreme left


Des and Daryl Sahli - Bulawayo 1979





'Colour' Desmond Sahli note he is wearing 'veldskoens'


Minefield 'Cordon Sanitaire' on the Gwai River, not far from the Engineer's Camp at Sibankwazi


4 Indep Four-Five (mine protected vehicle) front end TM46 mine detonation, note body shell is completely intact, no serious injuries occurred to any of the occupants except a broken ankle to the man sitting in the front passenger seat. Note the hatch folded over the rollbar.


National Service NCOs at 4 Indep From Left: Grant Lewthwaite, AJ Bradnick, 'Big' Pete Sharples, Paul Hendry, 'Iz' Hardwick.


Victoria Falls Bridge


View of the Victoria Falls from the Victoria Falls Hotel


Victoria Falls Hotel