Cocky Lobin over Germany – Daryl Sahli


It is March 1944, the Battle of Berlin has ground to a halt, both sides battered to submission.  Bomber Command gathers itself for the next assault.  This story follows a bomber crew from 44 (Rhodesia) Squadron who have completed their 15th mission, only half way through their tour.  Follow the routine of their lives, their living conditions, the parties and the commitment of the dedicated ground crews and support staff.  The squadron has lost more than half its number in only a few months, the chances of survival now seem impossible.  These are young men from the four corners of the Empire, from the wild bush-land of Rhodesia, the endless bitterly cold rolling plains of Canada, the hot and desolate centre of Australia and the squalor of bombed English cities.  These men were thrust together by force of circumstance, forged in battle, their relationship based on mutual reliance and determination … to see it through … come what may.

The bombers face a ferocious, determined and well organised enemy.  On the next mission they face the latest in night fighting and radar technology, the odds are stacked against them as never before.  The Lancaster Cocky Lobin, C-Charlie, must carry her crew through a withering aerial battle, radar predicted flak, fast and well armed night-fighters and the weather.  This is a fight to the death … a test, for men barely out of their teens, like no other.